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Why this challenge?

What’s Linzi’s story?

I’m Linzi, a wild warrior woman who discovered that being with nature makes me feel like a superhero!!

I love it so much I’ve decided to hike our incredible Great British coastline, trekking 7,178.7 miles with our three highest peaks summited, Scafell pike, Snowdon and Ben Nevis whilst doing my best body bopping moves along the way. 7,178.7 miles walked, wiggled and giggled in 306 days or less in 2024, that’s the same as munching on 277 marathon miles with some rest days sandwiched in between.

My love of the outdoors began the day I could walk but rocketed when Covid hit. After mastering a creative 100 hour week and not much else followed by the lose some beautiful souls in a small window of time. I was reminded just how precious life is. 

I rediscovered nature, striding miles everyday like a big kid in the best playground ever!! I was home again wearing a smile that Colgate would be proud of! The world felt limitless, connected, safe yet challenged me in so many beautiful ways and I loved it!! My hiking inspired me to turn my  bucket list into my ‘live it now’ list . 

Then BOOM… In April 2019 I hiked the Camino Frances 100km: Sarria to Santiago. An aspiration my amazing mum so I said to her ‘lets do it’ She said, ‘I was hoping you’d say that’! I loved every minute of those 3 days hiking with nature, staying in Albergues, meeting new people, sharing stories of the heart and feeling levels of happiness that could power a country. The Camino paths originate as religious pilgrim paths to discover our ‘way’ in life. Whether you are religious or just a believer in being kind and thankful like myself, the ‘Camino’ paths are life changing adventures that awaken our ability to live in the moment, appreciate the here and now, feel completely and utterly connected whilst feeling deep long lasting happiness.


The moment I discovered the outdoors life and its inspiring community I became part of something far greater than me, I became part of a flowing stream of well-being warriors who enrich daily life. One I’m eternally grateful to every day.

If I can help one person smile a bigger smile with the sharing of my daily hiking experiences, encounters and learnings on this epic adventure then my purpose in life is being fulfilled.

Hiking with nature has taught me, ‘I am only limited by the limits I place upon myself’.

I’d love for you to join me on this life changer of a hike to become the 1st woman thru-hiker to trek our entire UK coastline and make some moves and memories with you along the coast. 

My chosen charities are MIND & NTUK close to my heart for so many reasons but that’s a whole new story to share.


Big thanks & smiles.


I look forward to sharing a mile or more with you.


Live it, be it, feel it!




Image by Gabriel Garcia Marengo

"Hiking with nature has taught me, I am only limited by the limits I place upon myself."

Linzi on her walks

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Challenge Dates

Start: 1st March 2024

End: 31st December 2024

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