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Walk & Talk Wellness Podcasts

Listen in on some unique guests as we chat soggy socks, mental health, life changing experiences and everything in between.


Walk and Talk with Dagne Taylor warrior of wellness and FD of Helen of Troy (Osprey)

I was introduced to Dagne and could feel her postive energy fly from every word she shared!
Before you know our two energies are sharing our passion for life and the Osprey and Linzi walks collaboration was born.
This is one inspiring woman who at 18 expecting her first child left Lithuania to start a new life in the UK unsure what would happen and against her families wishes but yet knew this was RIGHT, this was her time to become her true self.
Learn about Dagne’s resilience, determination, passion and zest for LIVING and loving life and how this has become the very essence of who she is today, a warrior of living a life of wellness!
Listen in on our Walk and talk session as we hike 26 miles of nature together on the 24th March..


Walk & Talk with Stuart Holmes, CEO of Elite FX and advocate for Mental health support through his own life experiences of his loves lost and his father MND journey faced with daily optimism.

Setting up Elite FX 2019 to support Elite Sports People to empower them to gain control of their overseas income and provide them with the tools to achieve financial freedom.

Stuart is the father his three incredible teenage children from his first marriage. Sadly Stuart lost his second wife Nicki in 2020 after her long battle with anorexia and alcoholism. It was through grief counselling support that helped his healing process transform into a positive.

In 2022 Stuart relocated home to the North West to care for his father who was diagnosed with MND (Motor neurone disease) It was a two year journey that his father Graham bravely fought on a daily basis. Sadly Graham lost that battle on the 17th February 2024 and has now found his peace.

Stuart life journey to date has taught him that optimism is his best friend and each moment gifts us a shared memory to last us a lifetime.

April 16th Listen in to his families journey with MND and he hopes this supports others and their families journeying with this disease.


Walk & Talk with Louise Vardeman, the woman warrior peddling her positivity for Great Britain

Meet Lou, an incredible woman warrior who in 2012 went from not even owning a bike to now representing Great Britain in the world championships!
She is living proof of how one decision can change the course of your life for the better
I got chatting with Lou and also learnt that she peddles her postive poweress for equality in sport on a daily. In 2021 with the @internationelles they collectively actioned the women's Tour de France! Yep up until 2021 this event was only for Men!
Lou came out to grab some strides with Linz on the wales coast path and this is what followed....


Walk & Talk with Laura Perratt - The Ultra-running Impact fundraiser for National Trails UK

Meet lovable strong long distance Laura the impact fundraiser for National trails UK charity talking about Laura’s ‘adventure pace’ along side the pure mental and physical natural endurance on how to achieve sustainable long distances/hours of running/walking!  She shares some cool’s stats about the NTUK trails for us all to blaze around Britain at our ‘adventure pace’ and her passion to protect and preserve our planet and our people! A warrior of wellness in every sense of the word. 

Podcast Episodes

Image by Gabriel Garcia Marengo

"Hiking with nature has taught me, I am only limited by the limits I place upon myself."

Linzi on her walks

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